Government Fraud

Defending those accused of defrauding the federal government

Regardless of the alleged victim, fraud allegations are always a serious matter. However, when the alleged victim is the U.S. government, the consequences can be especially dire. For obvious reasons, federal authorities are especially aggressive in the investigation and prosecution of frauds perpetrated against the United States. Therefore, if you have been accused of defrauding the United States as a contractor or obtaining financial benefit from the government or a government program under false pretenses an experienced government fraud attorney from Alliant Law Group, LLC is an essential ally.

Types of fraud against the government

The U.S. Code broadly makes it a crime to intentionally defraud the federal government, to obtain money or property under false or fraudulent pretenses, or to engage in any scheme calculated to do the same:

  • Grants
  • Contracts
  • Subsidies
  • Loans
  • Guarantees
  • Insurance
  • Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP)

Like most types of white collar crime, a person accused of government fraud must have acted with malicious intent to be criminally liable. However, acting with such intent or becoming involved in a conspiracy to defraud the government can have serious criminal implications.

Consequences of government fraud

When the U.S. government is the alleged victim, fraud carries a potential criminal penalty of up to 10 years in prison. A fine of up to $1 million may also be imposed. A fine of up to $5 million may apply if the monetary loss to the government was at least $500,000 or the fraud involved a conscious risk of serious personal injury. Multiple concurrent offenses can result in up to $10 million in fines. Moreover, the statute of limitations for fraud against the federal government is a lengthy seven years, giving prosecutors and investigators ample time to discover incidents of fraud and allowing prosecution to take place long after the act that gave rise to it.

Government fraud investigations are frequently complex and time-consuming, with federal authorities devoting substantial resources to building a case. Such an aggressive, thorough investigation must be met with a sophisticated and robust federal defense. While these types of charges are frequently highly involved and technical, our attorneys are experienced in handling these matters, We know how to work with prosecutors and investigators to seek favorable results for our clients and work with respected experts, such as forensic accountants, to provide compelling evidence in support of their defenses.

Get a sophisticated fraud defense

Any type of fraud charge can be professionally devastating, but government fraud charges can also mean a lengthy prison sentence and a financially crippling fine. Please contact Managing Partner Daniel Conidi for a free consultation at