Providing the skilled legal guidance you need when you face serious allegations of Misappropriating Funds

Like all theft crimes, a charge of embezzlement can be very serious, depending on the nature of the property involved. However, an embezzlement charge can be particularly devastating to your professional reputation because it involves misappropriating money entrusted to you. Federal authorities aggressively investigate these crimes, especially when they involve bank officers and employees or healthcare benefit programs, and the criminal penalties they engender can be very severe. Therefore, it is in your best interests to contact an experienced embezzlement defense lawyer from Alliant Law Group, LLC at the first sign of trouble. If you wait until you are indicted or otherwise charged, you may have already compromised your case.

When embezzlement may lead to federal charges

As is the case with most theft and white collar crimes, embezzlement is prohibited by state law. However, federal law also gives U.S. prosecutors concurrent jurisdiction over types of embezzlement that involve interstate commerce or federally regulated markets or programs:

  • Public money
  • Counterfeiting tools
  • Embezzlement by federal officers
  • Funds within the U.S.’s special territorial jurisdictions
  • Funds from employee benefit plans
  • Livestock
  • Major artwork
  • Medical products
  • Healthcare funds

Federal embezzlement penalties

The particular penalties for the federal offense of embezzlement depend on the circumstances of the crime. Most embezzlement charges carry penalties of between two and 10 years in prison. Embezzlement by bank officers or employees of $1,000 or more, however, can carry a penalty of up to 30 years in prison and a fine of $1 million. As a point of comparison, law imposes a maximum sentence of five years in prison for the theft or embezzlement of property up to $20,000 in value.

Defending against embezzlement charges

The crime of embezzlement, at both the state and federal levels, requires intent on the part of the accused to wrongfully acquire or misappropriate property. Negligently mismanaging money is not sufficient to impose this type of criminal liability. The FBI and other investigatory agencies frequently devote substantial time and effort gathering the evidence necessary to show that an act of misappropriating money was intentional. An embezzlement defense lawyer can attempt to argue that the misappropriation was not intentional or that the defendant had an honest and reasonable belief that the handling of the property was proper.

Defend your credibility when facing embezzlement charges

Embezzlement is a complex crime that federal authorities prosecute vigorously. If you have been singled out as a suspect or are under investigation by federal authorities in for misappropriating money, you need experienced legal representation as early in the process as possible. At Alliant Law Group, LLC, our attorneys know how to effectively work with federal prosecutors and investigators to protect our clients’ rights and form an effective defense for trial. Please contact Managing Partner Daniel Conidi for a free consultation at Dconidi@alliantlaw.us.