Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking is a major point of focus for federal authorities. This is because such a high percentage of the illicit drugs on the streets of the United States must be surreptitiously transported significant distances — often across international borders —to reach their intended buyers. Unfortunately, it is all too easy for innocent individuals and businesses in to become unknowingly entangled in this type of conduct and ultimately find themselves facing federal scrutiny and even prosecution. For this reason, contacting an experienced federal drug trafficking attorney from Alliant Law Group, LLC at the first sign of trouble is essential to protecting your rights and reputation. Our lawyers can protect you from overreaching by federal investigators, help you work with prosecutors and, if necessary, vigorously defend you at trial.

What is Drug Trafficking?

Drug trafficking is the illicit transportation or importation of substantial amounts of controlled substances. Drug trafficking is both a state and federal crime. However, it is commonly an area where the federal government tends to intercede, especially in cases involving drug smuggling across state and national borders.

Under federal law, serious drug trafficking penalties come into play in cases that meet or exceed certain minimum quantity thresholds:

500 grams of cut cocaine 5 grams of pure methamphetamine
28 grams of cocaine base 50 grams of meth mixture
100 grams of heroin 10 grams of pure PCP
40 grams of fentanyl mixture 100 grams of PCP mixture
1 gram of LSD 50 marijuana plants
50 kilograms of marijuana 1 kilogram of hashish oil

While all drug crimes, — both state and federal — are serious, allegations of trafficking involving these amounts could result in a minimum sentence of five years in prison and up to seven-figure fines. This means that those implicated in these crimes are well-advised to seek out an experienced drug sales lawyer immediately.

Common issues in drug trafficking cases

Drug trafficking is fundamentally different from many other types of drug crimes. It nearly always involves an organized enterprise with multiple participants. Alleged members are often not present when authorities discover the drugs. Moreover, these operations are often hidden in plain sight, operating under cover of apparently legitimate businesses or, in some cases, using innocent individuals and businesses without their knowledge. In these cases especially, innocent parties can easily become implicated in drug trafficking schemes and may need to put on a strong federal drug defense to clear their names.

Get legal help when you need to defend your business and reputation

Allegations of involvement in drug trafficking can put your business, reputation and freedom at risk. Our federal defense attorneys at Alliant Law Group, LLC have spent decades representing beleaguered professionals, business people and other individuals who have come under suspicion of involvement in drug smuggling or distribution activities. Please contact Managing Partner Daniel Conidi for a free consultation at Dconidi@alliantlaw.us.