Credit Card Fraud

Fighting for those implicated in complex access device fraud schemes

As an increasing number of financial transactions rely upon credit cards, debit cards and other account access devices, the prevalence of access device fraud has dramatically increased. As a result, law enforcement agencies at all levels and jurisdictions are committed to combating this pervasive, complex form of fraud. Federal authorities in particular are devoting substantial resources to combating its root causes, including counterfeiting of credit cards. If you are under investigation in for this type of crime, you can rely upon a credit card fraud defense lawyer from Alliant Law Group, LLC to counsel you through every phase of your case. We understand the issues at play in these matters and can construct a sophisticated and aggressive defense.

When is credit card fraud a federal crime?

Credit card fraud is most often prosecuted as a state crime under state theft, fraud or identity theft laws. However, under certain circumstances, federal authorities may have jurisdiction over these charges:

  • Trafficking in counterfeit cards
  • Using counterfeit cards to obtain more than $1,000 in property
  • Possessing 15 or more counterfeit cards
  • Possessing counterfeit card-making equipment
  • Possessing equipment intended to fraudulently obtain credit card information
  • Attempting to buy an unauthorized access device or information relating thereto

Trafficking in fraudulent credit cards, large-scale use of fraudulent credit cards and similar types of conduct violate federal law and may be investigated by the FBI and the U.S. Secret Service and prosecuted in federal court.

Penalties for access device fraud

While state penalties for credit card fraud are frequently in line with those imposed for other theft crimes, the federal penalties for this type of white collar crime can be very serious. Crimes involving the fraudulent use of stolen and counterfeit credit cards may carry a penalty of up to 10 years in prison. For conduct involving the production of or trafficking in counterfeit credit cards, the penalty can be up to 15 years in prison. Repeat offenders can face up to 20 years of incarceration, and all offenders may face the seizure and forfeiture of property used in or derived from the offense. This conduct may also violate other federal criminal statutes, such as those governing computer crimes, generating further penalties.

Obtain an aggressive federal defense

A crime as technologically sophisticated as credit card fraud requires an equally sophisticated criminal defense. Our attorneys at Alliant Law Group, LLC understand what it takes to defend individuals and businesses against these and other complex federal charges. If you are under investigation by federal authorities for any type of access device fraud, Please contact Managing Partner Daniel Conidi for a free consultation at