Asset Forfeiture

Attorneys Providing Federal Asset Forfeiture Defense

With the lengthy prison sentences and substantial fines that are possible under federal criminal law, it can be easy to overlook the additional consequence of asset forfeiture and the huge ramifications it can have for you and your family. Under federal forfeiture laws, you can lose your business, be removed from your home and have any other type of personal, real or intangible property seized. Indeed, the fines and imprisonment imposed often pale in comparison to the lasting financial effect of asset seizure and forfeiture. We can help you defend yourself against underlying charge and attempts to seize your property.

When does asset forfeiture apply?

Several federal laws give federal courts the power to order the permanent seizure and liquidation of real, personal and intangible assets related to certain federal crimes. Asset forfeiture can apply to numerous types of white collar crimes and organized criminal enterprises:

  • Drug trafficking
  • RICO violations
  • Antitrust violations
  • Money laundering
  • Obscenity charges

Asset forfeiture provisions for federal criminal offenses are expansive. Depending on the type of offense at issue, seizure and forfeiture may apply to any assets used in the commission of a crime, derived from the crime or illegal enterprise, transferred illegally as part of the crime or owed as a result of participation in an illegal agreement restraining trade.

Forfeiture defenses

Simply being convicted of one of these crimes does not automatically mean your property is subject to criminal forfeiture. While it is always important to defend yourself against criminal charges, if conviction seems likely, you can still take steps to defend yourself against expansive use of federal forfeiture powers. Prosecutors must still prove that property actually meets the criteria for being forfeitable before it can be subject to forfeiture. Therefore, even when all else seems lost, an experienced federal defense lawyer may still be able to protect your home, business or other property from seizure by federal authorities. The extent and terms of forfeiture may even be a point of negotiation during the plea bargaining process. Our experienced federal defense attorneys know how to evaluate these issues in cases involving forfeiture and make the most effective arguments available for protecting your property.

Defend your property from federal seizure

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