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Our founding partner Daniel J. Conidi was a Senior Special Agent Criminal Investigator for the US Justice Department and the US Department of Homeland Security for over 26 years.

In that capacity, he learned the system from the inside out. Mr. Conidi knows which cases are likely to be vigorously pursued and which are more likely to be dropped, as well as how and when to influence the prosecutor’s decision in these areas.

While working for the United States Government, Mr. Conidi was in Chicago federal criminal and administrative courts regularly. He got to know the attorneys and the judges in these courts and gained insight into how to prepare and present effective arguments. Further, while Mr. Conidi was working enforcement activities for over two decades in the Chicago metropolitan area in both administrative and criminal proceedings, he as insights within the local USCIS and Northern District of Illinois federal court that other lawyers do not possess.

Mr. Conidi knows how federal prosecutors think and can plan his strategy and defense accordingly. He knows what tactics to anticipate and how to respond to them. He knows when a favorable plea bargain is likely and when a trial may be better. In the context of plea bargains, Mr. Conidi has a working relationship with the United States Attorney’s Office and can bargain from a position of respect.

Fast and Personalized Legal Attention

Providing personal attention to each of our clients is something that differentiates us from a competitive market of lawyers and attorneys. We take a great interest in each case that comes through our doors, meaning you can benefit from the advice of legal professionals who bring real world experience and legal knowledge to your issues. Fast and personalized service is especially beneficial with federal law, as many laws can be governed by time restrictions or statutes. Knowing that your attorney is not only happily serving you, but also doing it in a timely and efficient manner can go a long way. We know that you are important and we strive to ensure that you are treated as such. Keeping you updated with technology enforced updates on your case and leaving open lines of communication are all ways in which we wish to keep you included in the developments of your case.

Focused on Integrity and Ethics

At Alliant Law Group, LLC, we handle every matter with personal integrity and professional responsibility. We do not believe in short cuts or handling cases in a cookie-cutter manner. There is no one answer or easy solution to every legal case, though you may wish there were. We understand that each client, each business, and each case carries its own unique complexities. It is our job to provide the legal counsel that can turn those complexities into solutions for a better and more profitable future.


Alliant Law Group. LLC offers the combined expertise of an immigration and federal criminal defense practice complimented with the efficiency of resources built around your needs. Our goal is to keep your costs as low as possible while providing you with a high level of service and successful results. Our technology partner helps us expedite your case cost-effectively. Through our dynamic tools, we ensure that deadlines are met and requirements are fulfilled.

Fees & Services                                                                        

Many people are concerned with the high legal fees that many law firms charge. Our legal fees are fair and reasonable. We feel that it is important that our clients feel they are treated fairly and that their case is resolved positively. It is our custom to charge a flat fee rather than an hourly rate so that clients are aware of the total cost in advance.

Not only do we accept major credit cards, cash, and checks, but we also work to meet the financial needs of the client by providing payment plans so as to make our services more affordable.

First, call us to set up a consultation. Bring all your legal documents with you to our first meeting. After we speak with you about your case, we can tell you the work that is involved for your matter. We will explain all of your options to you, so you can make an informed decision and we can handle your legal matter appropriately.

Second, we will quote you a fee and if you find it acceptable, sign a written fee agreement. In the fee agreement, we will outline the work to be done on your case as well as the fee. The fee quoted to you in the written fee agreement will be the total fee. This way, we know exactly what legal service you wish us to perform and you know what the fee will be.


At the Alliant Law Group, LLC, we bring decades of experience, skilled advocacy, standards of professionalism to everything we do. We provide both legal services and personal attention to each and every client. To learn more about the attorneys at the Alliant Law Group, LLC, please use the links provided below to visit our attorney profiles or contact us at our Oakbrook Terrace office today.

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